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Welcome to Haustier, a Ukrainian manufacturer of pet goods!

A house with pets is a house filled with joy and happiness. We have always had pets in our home, cats and dogs of different breeds coexisting in peace. At the time of Haustier's founding, we had two Dobermanns, two German Boxers, a Zwergpinscher, a Siamese cat, and a parrot. Everyday communication with that wonderful company showed us how different they were in their characters, habits, needs, and preferences.

Haustier UA

This was when we thought we could use our knowledge and observations to the benefit of all pets. We started our pet goods business with the manufacture of beds for large breed dogs, perhaps the most hard-to-reach thing that you would not find anywhere.

Pet goods for dogs

We know the difference between very large dog beds and small dog beds. Based on our experience, we understand how dogs of different breeds differ from one another in everyday life, to say nothing of cats. All of the factors should be taken into account when choosing pet goods. For example, dog beds for large dogs should be firm and wear-resistant. Also, they have to withstand the considerable weight of a pet, games, dog claws, and also have anti-smell protection (a well-known problem for owners of medium-sized and big dog breeds). When creating extra large dog beds, we use the most sustainable, abrasion-resistant, water-repellent, and scratch-proof fabrics. The best large dog beds from Haustier can be used indoors and outdoors, in summer and winter. We make dog couches as practical and comfortable for pets as possible, making sure they are easy to care for owners.

Small dogs are distinguished by their tenderness and playfulness. As a rule, they are allowed to do more than large dogs. Small pets often spend time on the sofas and like to luxuriate in the owner's bed. Creating pet beds for small dogs, we use various fabrics such as furniture fabric, microfiber, flex, coton, fleece, and other soft fabrics that offer real comfort for the pets so that they can feel safe and comfy.

Pet goods for cats

Cute and self-sufficient cats and kitties rarely get attracted to the same sleeping place. They prefer to sleep at a height, in cozy dark places, and to spend a lot of time on the windowsill. Cats have inspired us to create a variety of collections for them. You can buy a secure house for a cat and choose a soft couch or pillow for the windowsill. Your cat will be on cloud nine, laying on the pillow by Haustier and watching the birds outside.

In 2015, we presented our pet goods for the first time at the International Dog Show "Autumn Lviv" in Lviv.

In the same year, we released a series of unisex clothes for dogs. Dog clothing by Haustier is comfortable, practical, and, most importantly, not hindering the dog's movements.

Our long-term participation in cynological events has introduced us to a large number of professional and amateur cynophilists. Among our friends are many dog breeders and kennels from Ukraine and European countries, which has pushed us to expand our knowledge of other breeds, not only of those that we personally have.

In 2016, our friends from the Yorkshire terrier kennel asked us to create for them a very important and necessary thing – custom dog stairs. That is how we came up with a new product for our collection of pet goods — attachable pet steps for small dogs.

Traveling with pets

Since we often travel with dogs throughout Ukraine and Europe, we have created a dog mattress that can be used in dog crates & kennels and pillows for pet carrier boxes for small dogs and cats. However, dogs are not always transported in crates and kennels. There are cases when dogs travel in the front or back seat of a car and even in a trunk. Let's say, you have to get your pet to the vet, or you drive to your country house. Maybe your small dog is always with you, or your big dog keeps you a company when driving. For such occasions, in 2017, we released Happy Travel, a new series of pet goods specifically designed and made for car travel with pets.

All Haustier products are made in Ukraine with the use of modern equipment and high-quality hypoallergenic fillers and fabrics of import and domestic production.

The goal of Haustier is to produce efficient and high-quality goods for pets, which will satisfy their needs and the needs of their owners.

At Haustier, we are not going to stop on the results achieved. We have many bold plans ahead of us to create the necessary and useful products for dogs and cats to make their life more comfortable.


Haustier — Made in Ukraine, Made with Love!


Advantages of pet goods by Haustier

1. We use only premium-quality materials

2. Our pet products are tested for durability and wear-resistance by the most active, strong, and temperamental pets

3. We utilize modern hypoallergenic fillers that are frequently used in furniture and bedding products

4. Pet goods by Haustier are practical and easy to use

5. Modern design and flexibility

6. Care for comfort for pets of all sizes and complexions, from the smallest and most delicate to the largest and heaviest breeds

7. Ease-of-use for the owners

8. Best value for money

9. Different payment methods

10. Fast and convenient delivery of goods throughout Ukraine and worldwide



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